Get to know BADABOOM

Stephen Annor Adjei, known professionally as Bada Boom.Bada Boom is a Ghanaian- born musician signed to victorious music entertainment {V.M.E}.Bada Boom released His debut mixtape, “Ayekoo”.Listen to this master piece – Apple Music

The rapper/ songwriter is a hip-hop, trap music and Afropop artist who perfectly showcase His African Decent to produce distinct sounds. Bada Boom abilities are not only limited to these genres but also expresses other genre to His capabilities.Bada Boom is keen on positively impacting the youth with his music, a beacon of hope for the growing African child who is yet to discover themselves which there are no words to describe.

Connect with Bada Boom via his socials: Facebook: @badaboom909Instagram: iambadaboom

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